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Success Stories

"Nation Employment is Setup to cater to the rising need for better & well-trained domestic helps in Singapore. Only maids who passed our stringent entry test & those with good medical review will be matched accordingly to the employers' needs. We're constantly sourcing for new business alliances to provide value-added services to our customers." Desmond Chin- Managing Director

"Through Nation, I found a maid who is dedicated at her work, keeps house clean & tidy. Most importantly, she builds very good relationship with my 7 years old daughter & 4 years old son. She tells stories to kinds every night in good English. As me myself and my wife speaks Mandarin most of time at home. My kids learn speaking English from her a lot. I really appreciate Nation helped me to find Lynn. "
By Mr. Fu Yu - Satisfied Customer (JE Branch)

"Agency staff is helpful, efficient and providing good advices and assistance. We are glad and happy to have engaged Nation Employment Pte Ltd for their services." By Mr. Quek - Satisfied Customer (TP Branch)

"I will always remember her willingness to help me during my time of need, especially the arrangement of the old/new maids for their check up, collection of their passport. I sincerely appreciate the courteousness of her and the way she provides good services. Since then, I had recommended your company services to my friends." By Mrs. Rosie Lee - Satisfied Customer (TP Branch)

"I’m very impressed and touched by the empathy and understanding which Chrissy of Woodlands branch extended for me. When I called her on the day of my discharge from the hospital, she immediately short listed three domestic helpers and took them to my home for my interview as I was not able to drive and physically 'handicapped' with a heavy cast. In addition, she also arranged for the maid to be sent to my home to start work. I’ve met many good service staffs from various industries but none of them came close to such excellent service like Chrissy. I’m very fortunate to have her as my maid agent and I truly hope that Nation will have more service staffs who’ll take on the good example of Chrissy!". By Ms. Jeannie - Satisfied Customer (WL Branch)

"From words of mouth, Excellent service Ms Sherlin rendered, especially during the recent problem with my maid, Wildia, the care & concern which rendered by Sherlin is beyond description. We are very appreciative." By Khoo Hua Ey - Satisfied Customer (SM Branch)

"Recommended by Woo Sook Wah Stephanie, I received a super care service from Mary as knowing the applicant had delayed, Mary had put up most effort to follow and arranged maid to arrive ASAP. I appreciate it." By Ms. Woo Mun Shih - Satisfied Customer (HG Branch)

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