HOT LINE: 6388 8888
Provide Child Caregiving Services for Household

Communicate with custodian of child

  • Custodian is greeted with appropriate phrases
  • Job scopes and processes are clearly explained to custodian
  • Doubts are clarified using active questioning technique
  • Questions are answered accurately in a friendly and professional manner
  • Custodian's requests are noted, acted upon and followed through
  • Positive body language is observed at all times
  • Custodian is reassured of ability to take care of child using appropriate phrases
  • Important detains are taken from custodian if he/she is going out

Monitor activities of child for safety

  • Child's movement is monitored in a manner that he/she does not go near hazardous spots or engage in dangerous acts
  • Child at play alone is monitored in a manner that child plays with suitable toys for his/her age and does not put any objects into mouth
  • Child at play with others is monitored that he/she does not cause injury to self or others. Any display of dangerous acts or violence is stopped immediately
  • Child who gets dirtied during play is instructed to clean up
  • Child's cleaning activities are monitored or assisted for safety and cleanliness
  • Child's crying is attended to immediately and he/she is consoled using appropriate methods specified by custodian
  • Child's needing attention is attended to immediately
  • Child is not disturbed during sleep and exposed to fights, sudden shocks, noise and pranks
  • Child is allowed to leave house. Where child is permitted to leave house, instruction by custodian is strictly adhered to
  • Child's diet and meal timings are strictly observed and permission is obtained from custodian if child requests for different diet or meal timing. Child is not allowed to cook or obtain food from refrigerator or other sources unless permission is granted by custodian
  • Child on medication is monitored in a manner that medication timing is strictly adhered to, correct dosage is given and behavior of child is monitored after ingestion
  • Child requiring feeding is fed slowly in a manner that food bite size is correct, food temperature is right and enough time is given for swallowing food
  • Child showing discomfort or symptoms of illnesses must be reported to custodian immediately. Assistance is rendered as instructed by custodian
  • Health and safety requirements are adhered to at all times in accordance with established health and safety standards

Participate in child's activities as directed by custodian

  • Ability to participate in child's activities is assessed and any inability to comply to requests is highlighted to custodian for alternate arrangements
  • Timings to participate in child's activities as directed by custodian are strictly observed
  • IChild's activities is carried out in safe and comfortable environment
  • Child who is uncooperative during activities is talked on
  • Child's further refusal to cooperate is reported to custodian and instructions by custodian is followed

Communicate with child

  • Communication is carried out politely and professionally in a manner that child understands and is treated with respect
  • Child's request are assessed and reasonable and actionable requests are carried out and unreasonable requests are highlighted to custodian
  • Child is provided with advices, where applicable, on
  • - feed and nutrition
    - exercise and fitness
    - preventing injury
    - promoting health
  • Child who displays rude behavior or throwing tantrums is being talked to. Child's refusal to listen and continue to behave rudely is reported to custodian for further action
  • Positive body language is observed all time

Provide feedback on child caregiving services to custodian

  • Work activities are accurately reported to custodian of child
  • Any unusual encounters or behaviors of child are reported to custodian before handling child back
  • Feedback is communicated in a friendly and professional manner
  • Questions are answered accurately in a friendly and professional manner
  • eedback on work performance is obtained where applicable
  • Positive body language is observed at all times