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Clean Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Prepare work activities

  • Safety measures related to electrical appliances correct cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals are identified
  • Cleaning tools and equipment are checked for good working conditions
  • Inform if preparation of work activities cannot be carried out

Clean bedroom furniture, furnishings and appliances

  • Removal of dust and debris
  • Stains and soilages are removed with correct cleaning agents and removal process
  • Health and safety requirement to follow

Clean bathroom fixtures and accessories

  • Bathroom fixtures and accessories are dried and freed from dust, debris, soilages and stains
  • Appropriate tools, equipment and chemicals are used to clean surfaces of bathroom fixtures and accessories

Clean vertical surfaces

  • Vertical surfaces are cleaned without causing damage
  • Cleaned vertical surfaces are dried and freed from dust, debris, soilages and stains

Make bed

  • Clean linen is laid in accordance with procedures
  • Bed linen is aligned and smoothed
  • Sheets are laid with correct side up and tucked firmly
  • Pillows are positioned in accordance with requirements
  • Linen and bedding are handled in accordance with hygiene standards
  • Body posture adopted in carrying out work activities is in accordance with health and safety requirements

Clean bedroom nd bathroom floors

  • Loose dust and debris are cleared using correct cleaning agents with appropriate removal process
  • Stains and soilages are identified and removed using correct removal process
  • Floors are cleaned and dried without causing damage

Reinstate work area

  • Used cleaning equipment are cleaned
  • All debris are disposed of in refuse chutes and trash liners are replaced on rubbish bins
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are inspected for cleanliness and defects